Donate to help ZELT survive


Donate for ZELT sea buckthorn garden battle against creditors, who are about to destroy our garden.

We don't want to lose what has been built for several years with enormous work, love and effort - we want to continue to do what we love and know! We've believed in the unique qualities of these natural gifts and we see that others believe in them too, but this time is very hard for us. Covid-19 outbreak has made hundreds of thousands of euros of losses, and creditors threaten to destroy our long-cherished dream. More about us and our sea buckthorn love - ABOUT US

Our aim is to obtain freedom from creditors and our target is 400k eur. We haven't got enough time to enter the sufficient part of market to to settle with creditors, and now 
we are forced to pay both the interest and the penalties. Now our sea buckthorn products are available in 50 stores, but when we'll be in 500 stores we'll be able to serve all the expenses.

We have great respect for our orange fans, but now we have no other way - we ask for help. 
We have 60 000 trees, and each donor will have a tree with his name on it. Also donors will receive up to 50% discount on our sea buckthorn products several times a year. 

If you have decided to support us and donate, press “add to the basket” then ''place order''. When entering order details as a delivery method select ''ZELT SMILTSĒRKŠĶU DĀRZĀ''. Thank you! 

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