About us

Sea buckthorn for beauty, health and nutrition

ZELT sea buckthorn that are grown in Latvia are unique – products made from it are rich in vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants and are perfect for health, for strengthening immunity, for nutrition, as well as for beauty care and maintaining healthy skin.

ZELT garden of sea buckthorn is located in Jelgava Region, Platone Parish, on the bank of the River Platone. In 2016 we began planting the first sea buckthorn plantations, but this year the garden area has already reached 36 hectares. We only grow one variety of sea buckthorn tree with increased oil content in its berries.

Every sea buckthorn tree is grown with care and responsibility, every product is made with high quality, as well as by fully ensuring a residue-free production process. We also organise thematic, creative and tasting events on healthy eating, cooking, gardening and other topics.

The basis of our work and natural, high-quality ZELT sea buckthorn products, is great enthusiasm, inspiration and love. We believe in the unique properties of these natural goods and we hope that everyone will be able to experience this magical feeling when the acid flavour of sea buckthorn makes you squint your eyes in happiness.

Sea buckthorn products

We grow sea buckthorn berries, the valuable content of which allows us to produce products such as high-quality sea buckthorn oil, juice, as well as various food and beauty care products. We cooperate with various companies – Gusto Cosmetics, Karameļu Darbnīca, Ice Berry, Fermentum, Rūķīšu tēja, Doles tējas, Aptiekas produkcija, etc.

ZELT City Residence

When the sea buckthorn berries are harvested in the garden, we continue to manage in the heart of Jelgava city - Zemgales prospekt 9, offering to get acquainted with sea buckthorn products, buy goodies for yourself or as a gift for others, and experience various master classes.

Sea Buckthorn Garden Festival

In August 2019, the first Sea Buckthorn Garden Festival took place in the ZELT sea buckthorn garden. In August 2023, we will celebrate the bounty of sea buckthorn in the garden for the fifth time. At the Sea Buckthorn Garden Festival, you can hear inspiring lectures from ZELT festival harbingers, you have the opportunity to meet ZELT hosts, enjoy musical performances, experience master classes, creative and tasty surprises, carefreeness and enjoying nature. All this in the most beautiful time of summer, right before the berry picking season.

Sea Buckthorn House

We have started the construction of our cherished Sea Buckthorn House. It will serve as a place to receive guests, cook, gain inspiration and knowledge.