ZELT Premium sea buckthorn juice 250 ml


100% natural, without preservatives, pasteurised, with a high content of sea buckthorn oil

ZELT sea buckthorn juice is 100% pure, unfiltered and undiluted. The juice contains the whole sea buckthorn berry, including its juice, flesh and natural oils. Sea buckthorn juice is carefully pasteurised, preserving its vitamins and biologically active substances – vitamin C, beta carotene, omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids. Due to the increased content of sea buckthorn oil, the juice also contains valuable vitamins A and E. ZELT sea buckthorn juice is unique – there is no other food product in which you will find such a high concentration of these valuable vitamins and natural substances. Sea buckthorn juice not only invigorates the body and mind, but also strengthens immunity, provides sharp vision and makes your skin healthy and beautiful. Including the juice in your daily nutrition promotes blood circulation, facilitates spleen function, fights stomach and lung problems, and is a real help in treating long-term illnesses, as well as in the prevention of diseases.

USE: Use the juice fresh by diluting it at a ratio of 1:5-1:10 with water or other juice, add it to tea, or as a powerful antioxidant and energy boost, add it to various cocktails, salad dressings, yoghurt, etc. Due to the invigorating effect of vitamin C, we do not recommend using ZELT sea buckthorn juice before bedtime. Shake before use and take your time to enjoy it!