Subscription of ZELT goods "Gadskārta"


Welcome the solstice with ZELT goods "Gadskārta"
ZELT "Gadskārtu" kalendārs

By maintaining and cultivating the traditions of our ancestors, keeping pace with the rites and seasons of nature, each cell of our body can feel and be aware of the belonging to our nation, land and culture. We, ZELT, have always treated our land with great love and respect. Thanks to the strength of our land and the generosity of nature, we have cultivated a sea buckthorn garden, whose orange and vitamin-rich gifts can be turned into products for the health, well-being and beauty of our customers.

Inspired by the course of the year, the richness of our land and the best traditions of our ancestors, we have created the ZELT health subscription "Gadskārta", which will serve as a great gift for the whole family so that we can take care of our loved ones not only on holidays, but everyday!

The health subscription means that you will receive a delivery of ZELT products each season. All year round you will be able to enjoy a burst of energy and a vitamin C refreshment from ZELT sea buckthorn juice, as well as, depending on the specific season, you will also receive additional benefits: in spring - berry powder for culinary adventures, but in summer - hemp-sea buckthorn oil, which as a healthy and delicious addition to various dishes will give add a pleasant nutty taste, in autumn - "Tea of Happiness" for the feeling of warmth and happiness, but in winter - hand cream for beautiful and healthy skin.

With the purchase of the ZELT health subscription "Gadskārta", you will become our loyal customer and receive:
* Delivery of ZELT products 4 times a year before the solstice;
* Invitation to the ZELT Sea Buckthorn Garden Festival during the harvest and the most beautiful time in summer (August 12, 2023);
* Opportunity to visit our sea buckthorn garden with your family, meet ZELT hosts and enjoy delicious, seasonal drinks (visits are scheduled from May to September by prior arrangement: );
* Seasonal recipes and tips on how to enjoy ZELT products;

* 4 access codes that will give a 25% discount on purchases in
ZELT e-shop.

Purchase the ZELT health subscription "Gadskārta" on our webpage and present to your loved ones in printed or digital format. Place the beautiful "Gadskārta" calendar onto your refrigerator, follow the course of nature's seasons and, especially, the deliveries of ZELT products!

Price - 88 EUR (value of the offer - 156 EUR).

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