NEW / Sea buckthorn bark tincture

NEW / Sea buckthorn bark tincture 10 ml


Scientists have confirmed that sea buckthorn bark tincture helps the body fight carcinogenic substances.

Sea buckthorn is nature's bank full of many substances necessary for health. They are found in berries, leaves and also in the bark of branches, which store many valuable compounds. The tincture is collected, dried, sprinkled with sea buckthorn distillate (70%), kept, filtered for an appropriate time and then bottled.

Sea buckthorn bark tincture is recognized in the world for its properties to treat carcinogenic substances, taking care also to prevent the recurrence of the disease. It is also used as a nutritional supplement if needed, if the body lacks any of the elements contained in the tincture.

The substances contained in the tincture reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, reduce blood cholesterol levels, improve the transmission of nerve impulses and strengthen blood vessel walls.

COMPOSITION: Epigallocatechin is responsible for the formation of keratins and flaggreens in the skin, ursolic acid blocks the gene that promotes muscle tissue atrophy and prevents excess weight, flavonoids strengthen blood vessel walls, contain antioxidants, bactericidal effect, tannins help the body overcome inflammation and participate in the body's detoxification, phytoncides are bacteriostatic effect, ballast substances (including pectin substances) provide a detoxifying effect and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, serotonin improves the transmission of nerve impulses and is responsible for the production of the hormone of happiness in the body.

USAGE: Always consult a doctor or nutritionist before use. The product is used orally by dissolving 10 drops of tincture in a tablespoon of water. The course of use lasts 7 days, a break of 30 days.

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