ZELT Premium sea buckthorn berry powder 100 g


100% natural, without additives, contains vitamins A, B2, C, E.

Sea buckthorn powder consists of 100% natural crushed, dried sea buckthorn berries. The powder contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids; it is a great source of fibre and protein. The powder does not contain E additives. 

USE: Sea buckthorn berry powder can be used daily as a delicious and healthy addition to yoghurt, kefir or fresh cocktails. In cooking, the powder can be used to prepare fish and meat dishes, salads, porridge, as well as various sauces. In confectionery – in cakes, bread, waffles, cookies, pancakes, muffins. Sea buckthorn berry powder is slightly abrasive, therefore when making beauty care products, it is suitable for scrubs, soaps and masks. The powder can also be used as a natural dye and in decoration.