NEW! Subscription of ZELT goods


We are used to subscribing to magazines, apps, and television. But what about signing up for health and beauty products?

Strengthen your immunity and take the recommended daily dose of vitamin C with food! Subscribe for ZELT goods and receive a set of ZELT products 3 times a year: 3-litre pack of sea buckthorn juice, 100 g pack of sea buckthorn berry powder and a 250 ml bottle of hemp-sea buckthorn oil. And all this with free door-to-door delivery within Latvia!

Subscription of ZELT goods: 130 EUR (price when buying products separately – 150 EUR, excluding delivery costs).

Juice and berry powder are our superfoods, which have already taken their place in the hearts of ZELT customers with their high quality and widest application for strengthening immunity and health, culinary delights and well-being! This duo is complemented by ZELT's latest product: hemp-sea buckthorn oil, which, as a healthy and delicious addition to various dishes, will give a pleasantly nutty taste.

Everyone who subscribes to ZELT goods, please write down your health status before and after using the subscription. We and our regular customers know that changes for the better will be noticeable!

How do you use each of these three super foods? Get inspired by our ideas!

Add to salad
Add to porridge
Add to stews
Add to cold sauces
Add to cocktails
Use daily for face and body skin care

SEA BUCKTHORN JUICE / find out more
Mix with water (cold or hot)
Mix with other juices (apple, orange, grape, black currant, grapefruit, pineapple)
Mix with kefir
Mix with salad
Make meat marinades
Make sauces
Make a hot spiced drink
Add to alcoholic cocktails
Add to smoothies
Add to fruit or ice cream cocktails

Add to porridge (oatmeal, whole grain, rye etc.)
Add to yoghourt or kefir
Add to smoothies
Add to salad
Bake into pancakes
Bake into muffins or cookies
Fry in an omelette
Add to fruit or ice cream cocktails
Add to marshmallows and meringues
Bake into bread

1. How will I get ZELT goods?
When placing an order, in the section "My basket" mark the desired type of delivery: Omniva parcel terminal, courier, ZELT sea buckthorn garden.

2. When will I receive the ZELT goods?
You will receive the first ZELT benefit basket within 3-5 working days. The second delivery will be after 4 months, the third - after 8 months from the order day.